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Gregg and Gail Fous

Gregg is a full time real estate broker and he and Gail live in Fort Myers Florida when they are not enjoying the peace  their Mountain Cabin they have named Otter Cottage. Gregg writes a weekly real estate investment blog  and a site about Retirement.   Gregg and Gail have been coming to Murphy on vaction since 2014 and acquired Otter Cottage in the spring of 2018.  They bought this mountain cabin in 2018 after renting a vacation rental  for four years in this same spot in Murphy, NC

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What's in the name?

Every year for the past four years when we vacationed in a mountain cabin next to the one they bought on the Notley river,  we would see an otter almost daily. He (or she) would swim every morning up river looking for the fresh catch of the day and then in the evening we could see him emerge from under the culvert by the driveway, apparently curious as to where we were heading for the evening. On Valentines day 2018 Gregg was shopping for a valentines day card for Gail and came upon a cute card with two Otters. After seeing the card, Gregg and Gail decided to theme the cottage Otter Cottage.  As we stay at  Otter Cottage, we will continue to decorate and furnish the cottage around our mascot.

Why Murphy?

This is a picture of us white water rafting - no, not on The Notley  - our river by Otter Cottage more suited for comfy tubing. Murphy gives us a good balance of things to do - from absolutely nothing, to white water rafting, to taking classes at the John C Campbell Folk School.  There is a ton of shopping in Blue Ridge, GA, and in Murphy, and  Hayesville,. 

The hiking is spectacular.

You can Fish right in your backyard!  Fly Fishing is very popular in the Notley.

Panther Top gun range is just around the mountain.

Lots of dining options, antiquing, and just plain enjoying doing nothing. (My personal favorite)

Oh, and there is always otter watching!